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Frequently Asked CTA Questions

FAQ’s about Reveel CTAs and Promos from a designer’s perspective. Before applying the CTAs into your materials it is mandatory to read our full specs here.

CTA is an abbreviation for a Call to Action. The Reveel CTA includes a text ‘hook’ that features a compelling reason for audiences to use Reveel and instructions on how to use for either print or digital media.

A Reveel CTA looks like this:

Without a CTA on your media, readers have no way to know that your content has been digitally fingerprinted and is Reveelable. Every Reveelable image in your publication needs to have a CTA on the page.

The CTA is your opportunity to convert inspiration generated by an image, into reader action, tempting readers with exclusive content or information that answers a question that is at the top of their mind.

Only the first line of text on the CTA should be modified to grab your reader’s attention and it should reflect the content they will find on the landing page.

If your CTA will be applied directly on an AD, use the graphic asset that has “Go to and scan this ad” in the second line. If you have multiple small ads (that can not have their own CTAs applied on) on your page, or if you have an editorial content (for an example article etc,..), or other different promo materials (such as flyers for only one brand), use the graphic asset that has “Go to and scan this page” in the second line.

No other part (except the first line) of the CTA should be modified as we’ve found that it is the best way to convey instructions on how to Reveel a page.

Some engaging CTA copy examples:

CTA copy is limited to 33 characters. The first line is always in Open Sans bold (ALL CAPS), while the second line has only the link in bold. You must always use the hand icon next to the CTA copy.

All of the materials are prepared for you in a Dropbox folder, that you are invited to. This way you have all of the necessities at one place, accessible wherever you are. You can also find a link to CTA assets in your Dropbox folder from your Reveel Paper dashboard.

If you require other assets or have questions, drop us an email,

Yes! A good cover callout alerts audiences about the use of Reveel in the publication itself. The more you are able to promote Reveel capabilities, the higher the campaign performance will be.
Creating and placing your CTA on your media must consider the following three P’s:
– Phrase it so it conveys a compelling message 
– Position it so it can be instantly seen
– Pop it off the page

View a wide variety of Reveel CTA examples in our Demo Magazine.

If you CTA is not natively integrated into an ad or editorial, the optimal placement is often at the top of the page in one of the corners. CTAs that are placed in the same position on every page have a significantly higher click-through rate, because they are so simple to spot.

For left side placement, use the “left alignment” option. For right side placement, use the “right alignment” option.

Beyond adding a CTA to every Reveelable page, publications are asked to promo reveel capabilities at regular intervals within the media. Promo materials include:

– A full-page promotion within the first 10 pages that provides clear instructions on how to reveel media, and what the benefits are. We offer different versions for print and digital (click vs. scan).

– Small page fillers with abbreviate instructions that serve as a reminder when space is available.

– Mention on the front cover that entices your readers to learn more.

We’ve made incorporating a CTA into your creative very easy. You will get all of the materials, and all you have to do, is to change the first line in the CTA copy and position the CTA on your page.

However, to increase your click through, you can customize the background of the CTA to standout. Color variations may include a shaded background, or graphic elements.

The minimal dimensions of CTA line art are 6.5 mm wide by 10 mm high.

CTA placement on editorials follows the same guidelines as CTA placement on an ad, with a few recommendations for optimal performance. Apply a CTA to the first page of an editorial. If the editorial is longer than three pages, you must add the additional CTAs to other pages (this depends on the lenght of the editorial). You may need to wrap the CTA in the copy itself, or as a call out. For emphasis, make the background graphic treatment different than the other call outs in your publication.
Filler promos are included in your Dropbox folder. We recommend saving the url link or the assets onto your computer. If you need a custom filler for your brand or available space send an email to
The font used in Reveel CTAs and Promos is Open Sans. You can find it on Google Fonts.

Or in the Dropbox folder that we will set up for you. We recommend saving the url link or the assets onto your computer.

We recommend, that the image size is always optimized for online viewing.

Images for standard landing page tiles should be a ratio of 1:1 and at least 720px.
Images for directory listings in a Reveel landing pages should be a 16:9 ratio (1280 x 720 px – wide screen).
Campaign image tiles should be in the ratio of 16:9 (1280 x 720 px – wide screen).


Send an email for “Help!” to and we will figure out the best solution for you.

We will try to respond to your email as soon as possible. Our creative department is available from 5:00 AM EST – 1:00 PM EST .

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