Sales Letter #1

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Suggested subject line:  NEW!  Qualify and convert readers with

Dear <advertiser>,

[Your magazine name] has partnered with Reveel Technologies to let you convert reader interest into action that you can measure!

What is Reveel?

Reveel invites high intent readers to explore, learn and buy directly from the pages of print and digital magazines. When they see your Reveel call to action on your ad, readers are instructed to go to on their mobile browser and scan your print ad or click on your digital ad to view a captivating landing page that qualifies and converts. On average, Reveel landing pages convert at rates multiple times higher than Google and Facebook, the highest in the advertising industry!

How does it work?

Each Reveel landing page displays up to five calls to action that provides readers the information they need to make confident buying decisions. Readers can watch a video, view a photo gallery, read product details, buy online, click-to-call, make a reservation, get directions, save a coupon to their mobile wallet and much more. [Publisher – optional: Extend your audience reach by applying your Reveel landing page to social media, digital ads and email campaigns, too.]

Try it now!

Go to on your mobile phone and snap a photo of the attached product sheet or click here to view a sample landing page.

How can you participate?

It’s easy. Reveel can create a custom landing page for you by curating content from your official online media sources or you can provide links to content of your choice. Reveel also writes the call to action displayed on your ad (or you can write one) and provides accompanying graphic assets and specifications for proper placement on your creative. There’s no change to our usual submission deadlines.

What does it cost?

[Media outlet insert pricing here]. In return, you’ll receive a detailed report each month of audience engagement by media channel, including unique sessions, page views and clicks on each call to action.

Please call me to get started with your Reveel ad and find out how you can begin qualifying and converting high intent readers with a measurable digital experience.

Yours in advertising success,